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4 Steps to Conduct Complimentary Consultations That Sell

Puzzle_pieceThis is one of two closely-related business and puzzle-building teleclasses.  This second offering is designed for coaches, consultants and any service provider.. Check out "4 Steps to Describe Coaching That Sells."

Are you a good it with your prospects?

Are you a coach, consultant or entrepreneur who wants to increase the likelihood of a sale during that first business conversation with prospects, demonstrate your skills and services in a consultation without giving your services away for free, and strengthen all sales-oriented conversations without it feeling like selling!

Join Gail Sussman Miller, of Inspired Choice for
4 Steps to Conduct a Complimentary Consultation That Sells

Thurs., June 21, 2007 (1 hr.) 9:00 PST/11:00 CST/12:00 EST

Learn how to conduct a complimentary consultation so you…

  • Demonstrate to prospects that you have a well-tested, well-planned approach not only for this conversation but also in the way you deliver services
  • Increase your confidence handling that scary "sales talk" the way you coach or consult
  • Lead a focused, yet easy, agreed-upon conversation that naturally concludes in asking for the sale without selling
  • Focus on 3 easy questions for your prospect that guide your entire consultation
  • Naturally structure and empower all your conversations to find out if you are the missing puzzle piece for people you meet without selling.

Check out this recommendation by Andrea J. Lee for this teleclass.

In this class, Gail shares years' worth of marketing experience and learning from the best in the industry talk about how buyers think and our use of language to sell. She has distilled and tested a method she uses for a first conversation with prospects that leads to 40-50% sign ups. As a coach, this process includes knowing a crisp way to describe the coaching process so prospects nod their heads and get it. See "4 Steps to Describe Coaching That Sells" if this is of interest.

BONUS: Receive a template document
to use as an outline you can customize for your complimentary consultations

4 Steps to Describe Coaching That Sells $27.00 
How to Conduct Complimentary Consultations That Sell $27.00
OR get both at a special rate! $47.00 

Date: Thursday, June 21, 2007, 9:00 PST/11:00 CST/12:00 EST

Help your clients to easily picture and feel what you will do for them so they can decide to hire you!


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