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4 Steps to Describe Coaching That Sells

Comp_4_colored_puzzle_ist1_3077656_This is one of two closely-related business and puzzle-building teleclasses.  This first is designed specifically for coaches.  A great fit for all service providers is "4 Steps to Conduct a Complimentary Consultation That Sells."

Are you a personal/business coach who finds it hard to explain what coaching is in less than 5 minutes, without your listener's eyes glazing over? Or who can't avoid getting all "woo woo" in your answer, asking prospects to take a giant leap of faith?

Join Gail Sussman Miller, of Inspired Choice for
4 Steps to Describe Coaching That Sells

The live teleclass was held May 31st. 

Now YOU can get the recording at a reduced rate! Instead of the teleclass price of $27, you can get this recording instantly delivered to your email inbox for just $17!   

On this recording you will learn how to explain coaching…

  • In clear terms that fit most listeners, including business-minded, linear thinkers
  • In less than a minute in an easy to remember, logical flow of steps
  • In conversational language that doesn't use the word "coach" or "coaching" or coach-speak
  • Tailored to fit your services and business themes.
  • Use this information not only in your complimentary coaching consultations , but also in networking and marketing materials like your website, brochures, bio and even your email tagline.

Check out this recommendation by Andrea J. Lee for this teleclass.

In this class, Gail shares her years' worth of marketing experience and learning from the best in the industry talk about how buyers think and our use of language to sell. She has distilled and tested a method she uses to explain coaching that has her prospective clients or potential collaborators nodding their heads ad saying, "I get it. This makes sense."

Gail explains her coaching in just 23 words! And Gail's prospects typically sign up for coaching 40-50% of the time, as a result of her use of these 4 steps and her specially-designed complimentary coaching consultation.

BONUS: get an introduction to creating a clear one-line elevator speech that is memorable, repeatable and makes you referable


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