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As we welcome 2021 and all our hopes for a better year, we still feel in limbo, isolated, and have lower energy on 4 levels: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

In this workshop you will:

  • Raise your awareness of what drains you and ways to replenish your energy on 4 levels,
  • Prepare for the transition into a new (hopefully less dramatic!) year by increasing calm, resilience and wellbeing!

Please forward this invitation to stressed women and men executives
you know so they can feel RELIEF, RESILIENCE and REIMAGINE career joy.

  New dates coming soon!  


Work-burnout-tired-female-worker-sitting-at-the-table-long-working-vector-id1159404116WHY YOU NEED THIS WORKSHOP:  The ripple effects of shutdowns and losses from COVID19 continue to cause stress at record levels. Managing mental wellbeing is ranked #2 out of 45 potential drivers of employee performance and organizational success. (See  below).   

We still have:

  • Limbo loss with irritability, sadness, exhaustion, anger
  • Isolation even more pronounced as holidays approach
  • Ever-present subliminal stress from uncertainty and ongoing change
  • Lack of concentration, lower productivity, and reduced creativity, when new solutions are most needed.


  • Reduce stress, relief and increase resilience! 
  • Apply simple tools to better manage and budget available energy in response to external events,
  • Realize and use your power of choice so you feel more in control,
  • Leave with ONE small step commitment that will increase ME first care in a small step

  New dates coming soon!  

Evidence supporting the critical importance of supporting employee mental wellbeing…

Thrive Study Graphic - Top 4 Employee Experiences

*A recent study by Thrive Global and Arianna Huffington identified the 45 “moments” employees typically experience while working in an organization that affect them and the success of the organization. “Managing Mental Wellbeing” is #2 out of 45!

The bottom line is realizing how much employee wellbeing and positive experience ties to organizational resilience, productivity and success, especially during these times when individuals need it most.

* Thrive XM Index 2020


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